Virginia Beach Dome

McAllen, TX Theme Park 

Creation Museum Rendering


LARC has in-house, architectural expertise and also works with local architects and contractors to fulfill the conceptual plans designed at LARC. Our highly skilled team of architects offer the following services:

  • Schematic Design

  • Construction Documents

  • Architectural & Engineering Drawings

  • Site Supervision

  • Auto CAD

  • Design Development

Art Direction :

LARC's artists use their insightful and creative imagination to help you depict your project. Once your project has been carefully laid out in plan form, the LARC artists then render the concept in detailed aerial and eye-level drawings. Art direction provides the architect with the vivid detail needed to produce precise architectural documents.

Larc's artists provide the following services:

  • Concept Design

  • Eye-level & Bird's-Eye Renderings

  • Signage

  • Color Selection

  • Interior Design

  • 3D Model

  • Exhibit Design

  • Logo Design 


LARC's experienced land planners and site developers initiate the creative process for your concepts and ideas. The planning team must assess the size of the project, the appropriate mix of entertaining elements, adequate circulation, and proper site location. LARC looks at every angle, designing the concept to take advantage of a site's topography and natural resources. The planning experts at LARC provide the following services:

  • Development Planning

  • Site Selection & Development

  • Bubble Plan

  • Development Cost

  • Phasing Plan

  • Traffic Flow Plan

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