Masato Maruyama

International Operations

Masato Maruyama has been in partnership with LARC since 1988, along with his late father, Masao Maruyama (1923-2012), a distinguished Japanese Naval Academy top seat graduate and Managing Director of Hitachi Shipbuilding Company, Ltd.

Masato is responsible for international operations for LARC, primarily in Japan and other Asian countries. Maintains a LARC satellite office in Tokyo.


Private Boys House School, London, operated by the British Army Colonel. (1960-1963)
Sophia University (Lux Veritatis), Faculty of Economics, International Economy, Tokyo, Japan (1975)



Experience & Projects:

  • Nearly 50 times of private marathon negotiations with the Saudi Arabian Ambassador to Japan, on a difficult deal related to diplomatic immunity and extra-territorial rights (1992).
  • Succeeded in the sale of a Tokyo Governor approved US$240,000,000 historical prime property (5,221m2) in central Tokyo to the Government of Brunei Darussalam (1994).
  • Received a Power of Attorney from HRH Prince Bolkiah, Brunei Darussalam, and appointed as a Representative (1995-present).
  • Established an environmental-oriented firm, PC Innovations Ltd., in Tokyo (2002-present).
  • Won a contract from UNDP on the most dangerous “Agent Orange” soil remediation project in Vietnam (2011-present).
  • NASA official invitation to witness the last launching of Space Shuttle STS-133 Discovery at Kennedy Space Center, Florida (April 2011).
  • Held meetings with Indonesian President S.B. Yudhoyono’s Advisor and Special Envoy. (2012-present)
  • Invited to the 10th Anniversary of NASA’s Official Ceremony on STS-107 Columbia (February 2013).