The Institute for Creation Research's Discovery Center opened it's doors for the first time Labor Day 2019 and is now open in full swing!

​LARC worked alongside ICR to construct this new Discovery Center for Science and Earth History, a structure unlike anything else in the world! This world-class museum
 features a planetarium equipped with 3-D imagery, and visitors experience visually stunning and interactive exhibits everywhere they turn. Each display presents science that opposes naturalistic explanation and supports the presence of a divine creator.

​This state of the art facility is projected to reach over 1.2 million K-12 school students that live within 50 miles of the ICR campus, and over 7 million people that live in the DFW area alone. There are to be an estimated 95,000 attendees within the first year of operation.

Institute for creation research (ICR)

Discovery Center for Science and Earth History

If you are interested in learning more about ICR and the Discovery Center for Science and Earth History, please visit their website at: or call 800.337.0375