Theme Park Traffic Flow Plan 

Baylor Arts District 

Tourism Development

Corsicana Water Park Master Plan 


LARC's Tourism Development Department assesses all areas and issues that affect tourism programs, both domestically and internationally, in order to recommend development strategies. The assessment of a selected area's existing tourism program, tourism assets, and recent, related experience aids in analyzing if a more effective contribution could be to create employment and generate revenue for the area. 

Based on our global experience, the Tourism Development Department understands that the importance of a successful tourism program is one that also reinforces general economic development initiatives by enhancing perceptions of quality of life and image. 

LARC's Research and Tourism Departments provide the following services: 

  • Assessments

  • Tourism & Development Studies

  • Market Identification/Analysis

  • Marketing Strategies and Concepts

  • Downtown Revitalization

  • Attraction Development and Revitalization