research DePARTMENT

Baylor Arts District


The foundation of LARC's Research Department is understanding the potential of a proposed or existing project in a designated marketplace. This foundation is supported by an experienced staff, an extensive library of international demographic data, and a comprehensive database of parks and attractions worldwide. 

Before we invest any funds into a project, you want to know if it will be successful and provide sufficient return on investment. In this industry, no one can refer to their "crystal ball" to predict the precise outcome or success of a project. LARC's feasibility and economic planning expertise will evaluate the project and guide our clients toward intelligent business decisions. 

LARC's Research Department provides the following services: 

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Market Plans & Analysis

  • Economic Evaluation & Planning

  • Business Plans

  • Presentation Prospects

  • Current Facility Observation & Evaluation 

Natural Bridge Caverns, Development Site Plan 

Sachse Sports Station Master Plan